Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd

Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, covers an area of ​​17,000 square meters, is the focus of national science and technology cultivation, the Shanghai municipal government focused on supporting the new energy high-tech enterprises. Company to proton exchange membrane fuel cell research and development, system integration, stack and system testing, industrial practice as a development goal, is the domestic fuel cell technology research and development and industrialization pioneer.
Shenli Technology is China's first development of vehicle fuel cell engine company, from the "Ninth Five-Year" to "second Five-Year" period, continue to assume the national science and technology "863 plan" and other major issues, including low-voltage fuel cell technology has the world's advanced level , And has completely independent intellectual property rights. As of the end of 2016, Shenli Technology has been authorized 317 patents, including 135 invention patents, the United States patent 4, the lead drafting and participation in the development of national standards for fuel cells, has 22 promulgated and implemented four registered trademarks.
In 2015, divine technology to become Beijing billion Huatong Technology Co., Ltd. holding subsidiaries, ushered in a new development opportunities. Companies to establish cooperation with foreign fuel cell business, domestic production and research combined with the operating mode, the introduction of outstanding technical experts at home and abroad, the formation of experienced technical team, set up a research and development, testing in one of the domestic first-class fuel cell research and development center. The company has gradually improved the domestic fuel cell core stack of semi-automatic and MEA automated production process to enhance the fuel cell system stability and durability to meet the fuel cell vehicle industry, the rapid development of the formation of the engineering Production base.
Shenli Technology has been cooperating with SAIC, Shanghai Volkswagen, Zhengzhou Yutong, Beiqi Futian, Shanghai Shenlong, Suzhou Jinlong, Chery Automobile, Great Wall Motor and other well-known OEMs, successfully developed a new energy vehicle fuel cell, and in Beijing, Shanghai, the United States California, the United Kingdom and South Korea and other countries and regions successful demonstration run.